Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chalkboard Font Pairings

I have been obsessed with fonts lately. It's really becoming a problem. So, this Saturday night, I am sitting in my hot bonus room on the computer playing with font pairings. This is my life now, apparently. But, you get to reap the rewards of my unhealthy obsession. I have put the favorite pairings I put together below with the links to download the fonts. Enjoy!

1) DK Carte Blanche w/ CK Carolyn
2) Return to Sender w/ cinnamon cake
3) Janda Curlygirl Serif w/ Dazzling Divas
4) Sketch Rockwell w/ KG Two is Better Than One
5) A Love of Thunder w/ Throw my Hands in the Air
6) Travel Diary w/ ElsiesAlphabet
7) KG Second Chances Sketch w/ KG Someboday that I Used to Know
8) Wonderyum w/ a song for jennifer
9) KG Next to Me Sketched w/ KG Love You Through It
10) Love Ya Like a Sister w/ Strawberry Cake
11) Janda Safe and Sound w/ Chalkboard Chum

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