Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crochet Inspiration: Summer Tops

I'm definitely a year-round crocheter--I can't even go a day without getting a hook in my hand--but it can be hard to find inspiring projects for the summer. In that vein, I have rounded up a collection of summer top patterns, a couple of shrugs, and some things that are just meant for inspiration. 


Festival Fancy Vintage Top
This free pattern from Coats and Clark was originally published in 1956. Some things never go out of style, and with vintage being so in right now, this seems like a great choice.

Botanical Pullover
This beautiful pullover is on sale for $3.85 right now. It would be great over a sundress or as a swim cover up.

Muse tunic
I like the look of this tunic in the Summer 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet.

Tango Tunic
This tunic from the Spring 2013 issue looks quite pretty as well.

Beatriz Shrug
This gorgeous shrug was published in the March 2013 edition of Inside Crochet. An electronic version of the magazine can be purchased in the Apple app store or on

Hannah Tee
I am loving this t-shirt from the June 2013 Inside Crochet. This pattern and the one before it are enough to make me want a subscription to the magazine.

The pattern for this top is available for $6. I love the stitch pattern in the body.

Lizzy's Lace Mantelet
 This gorgeous shrug is from the book Austentatious Crochet. All the designs in the book are inspired by Jane Austen, and all the ones I've seen are so beautiful and romantic. There are quite a few in the book that would be good for summer. You can download the Kindle version here or buy it in print here.

Striped French Sweater
The pattern for this cute striped tee is available for free here. Click on the Cami/Tee picture link to find the pattern. Pierrot, the Japanese yarn company that puts out this pattern, has a ton of cute, free crochet patterns. I highly recommend checking it out.

Miranda Crochet Summer Top
 Is this not gorgeous? The pattern is available as an instant download by Queenieamanda on Etsy for $5.50.

Ruby Cropped Cardi
The pattern for this cute cropped cardi is published in Blueprint Crochet Sweaters by Robyn Chachula. She is a great designer. I own this book, and I can recommend it highly. It can be purchased here.

The Cropped Tank Top
I think this tank by Sara Dudek is super cute. She also has a t-shirt version of this pattern and several other very cute designs. The pattern is available as a $5.00 Ravelry download.

Unchain My Heart Tunic
Another great tank top, this one is by Doris Chan, who is awesome. I love the mix of a lacy stitch pattern and the post stitches.

Starlet Top
This pattern, available for $5 as an instant download, is by Elevenhandmade. Check out her shop to find many other unique, fun, and funky designs.

Rainbow Crochet Shrug
I think this shrug is so pretty, as are the other shrug patterns in BernoliesDesigns. This one is available as a $4.99 instant download.

Flowers and Tiles Top
This pattern is available as a $6 Ravelry download. It's such a cute motif pattern, and wait until you see the neckline.


Roots and Feathers
This mesh crochet top originally came from Forever 21. A nice comfortable and casual look, it seems easy enough to make something similar. I love the pockets.

Crocheted Summer Cotton Top
This top can be purchased from IngasHandKnits on Etsy. I love the uneven hemline that follows the lovely flower motifs.

Crochet Medallion Top
This is a junior's top from Nordstrom. It looks like two large square motifs. Very cute.

Flowery See-Through V-Neck
This gorgeous top does have a pattern, but it is out of print. Maybe someone is selling it on eBay.

Crochet Vest Summer Top
This top is by SmilingKnitting on Etsy. I love the flower motifs with the jewels. It's a very nice detail.

Viva Luxury
I love this whole Bohemian look, but that crochet top is great.

Slamb the Jam
I absolutely adore this blue crochet dress. The author of the post picked it up at a thrift store for $3. Can you believe it?

Not enough inspiration or just don't want to undertake as large a project? Why not try embellishing existing tops with some crochet?
Pop-Hop Sleeves
Add sleeves to an tank top or t-shirt.

Sweet 70s Blouse
Replace the top of a shirt with a crochet yoke.

Crochet White Tunic
Boho Love Gray Cold Shoulder Crochet Cut-Out Top
Or, embellish your top with a crochet doily.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tinsel and Twine

I paid a visit to the Tinsel & Twine Summer Market on Saturday, and let me tell you, it was great. It took place at Homestead Manor on a beautiful green lawn. It made for a great late spring day. I spent more than I planned, but I got some great stuff and saw some inspiring booths.

Here is the booth for Two Green Olive Trees. I got the cutest little shirt with a striped tie on it for my son, and I love her linen banners.

These beautiful cuffs are by the talented Peggy Vessels who was sharing a booth with Charlie Duncan of Gravel Roads Finds and Designs. Unfortunately, I did not get a website for her, though I'm pretty sure I found her on Pinterest. I also know they will both be at Bella Rustica in August. The display for these was so clever. It's painted PVC pipe hanging on some cord. I also bought some great old wooden trays from their booth. I'm planning to use them for display in my booth, and I also found they make a great backdrop for photos for my Etsy shop.

Here's the booth for Perfectly Picky. I almost bought that little green set of drawers in the back. I'm still thinking about it. I love it, but I have no idea where it would go. The kitchen, I guess. I love their sign, too.

I love the big flowers at the top of the booth for Where Roses Bloom. I didn't get it in the picture (Darn it!) but they had a sign for their shop sitting in an old typewriter. It was so clever and different. They also had a bunch of great vintage suitcases. I bought a beautiful black beaded clutch purse from the 1960's from them.

I didn't get the greatest picture of the booth for The Faded Farmhouse. The had a pretty big booth, so it was hard to get a picture with a good idea for the look of the whole booth. They had a lot of great old furniture. I bought a framed sign for my son's room that says, "Future Man Cave," with a moustache on it. Very cute.