Monday, June 3, 2013

Tinsel and Twine

I paid a visit to the Tinsel & Twine Summer Market on Saturday, and let me tell you, it was great. It took place at Homestead Manor on a beautiful green lawn. It made for a great late spring day. I spent more than I planned, but I got some great stuff and saw some inspiring booths.

Here is the booth for Two Green Olive Trees. I got the cutest little shirt with a striped tie on it for my son, and I love her linen banners.

These beautiful cuffs are by the talented Peggy Vessels who was sharing a booth with Charlie Duncan of Gravel Roads Finds and Designs. Unfortunately, I did not get a website for her, though I'm pretty sure I found her on Pinterest. I also know they will both be at Bella Rustica in August. The display for these was so clever. It's painted PVC pipe hanging on some cord. I also bought some great old wooden trays from their booth. I'm planning to use them for display in my booth, and I also found they make a great backdrop for photos for my Etsy shop.

Here's the booth for Perfectly Picky. I almost bought that little green set of drawers in the back. I'm still thinking about it. I love it, but I have no idea where it would go. The kitchen, I guess. I love their sign, too.

I love the big flowers at the top of the booth for Where Roses Bloom. I didn't get it in the picture (Darn it!) but they had a sign for their shop sitting in an old typewriter. It was so clever and different. They also had a bunch of great vintage suitcases. I bought a beautiful black beaded clutch purse from the 1960's from them.

I didn't get the greatest picture of the booth for The Faded Farmhouse. The had a pretty big booth, so it was hard to get a picture with a good idea for the look of the whole booth. They had a lot of great old furniture. I bought a framed sign for my son's room that says, "Future Man Cave," with a moustache on it. Very cute.

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