Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Outdoor Craft Fair Booth

I had a booth in the Flatrock Music and Arts Festival last weekend. It was a fun event. The weather was beautiful, and the music was really good. There were a bunch of food trucks out there as well. I didn't get a chance to try any of them. (In fact, funny story. I packed pasta salad for lunch and forgot to pack a fork.) But, I saw a lot of people walking by with some very yummy-looking food. It was my first outdoor craft show, and for a first attempt, I think my tent turned out very well.

Here's an overview of the booth. I printed a couple of signs on cardstock that said that I accept credit cards and take custom orders. I'll probably place them somewhere else in the future. I don't think people really saw them.

I got the ladder at an antique store in town. I absolutely adore it. A friend of mine made the sign at the top. I made the baskets holding the bracelets, and I got the little bucket and the bin from Target.

Here, I covered a bulletin board with some burlap I bought at Jo-Ann and attached the necklaces to the board with push pins. I found some cute ones at Target.

I bought some cord from Jo-Ann and hung it from the corners of the tent to hang some clutches and market bags.

And, here's my table. I got the shutter at the same time as the ladder. It worked great to hold those little brooches. I printed up cards on some blue cardstock scrapbook paper and punched holes in them with a tapestry needle to hold the brooches. I adore the little coke crate wagon, and it got a lot of compliments. My husband's grandfather made it for him, and now it's my son's. I borrowed it for the day to use as a display.


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