Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Best mold buster I've found

Baking Soda
photo by [F]oxymoron
I used to swear by cleaning my bathtub with Comet. I didn't think anything could kill the mold or get rid of stains in the tub as well. I mean, it made sense. It's basically scour-y bleach. But, no more. I tried a cleaning tip I saw online (can't remember where exactly or I'd attribute it), and I can tell you now, I will not be going back.

The tip I read online just said to sprinkle the tub with baking soda, but I added a little something to it. After I let the baking soda sit for a little while, I sprayed it with some vinegar and then scrubbed the tub with the mixture. I was shocked by how easily the discoloration from mold disappeared. I honestly didn't know my tub could be that color! And how dirty the water was when I rinsed everything away! And jeeze, a four pound box of baking soda cost, like, $2.

Cheap, effective, and no bleach fumes? Sold!

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