Thursday, July 25, 2013

A freshly finished project and new yarn

This project has been a bunch of blocks slowly accumulating in a bag for so long, I can hardly believe that it's finally finished. I am so excited!

I was first inspired to make this blanket when I saw this tutorial. It was free at the time, but now it's on her Etsy shop. I really liked the idea, but I wanted the bobbles to be further apart. I improvised my own motif for the blocks, and I'm really happy with how they turned out. I wish they were a little closer to the actual proportions of legos, but I still really like them.

Once I had 120 blocks (phew!), I joined them together with single crochet on the long sides into 10 rows of 12 blocks each. Then, I joined each row together with single crochet. Finally, I did a single crochet all around the blanket. The nice thing about joining this way is that I was able to crochet in all the yarn ends, so I only had one yarn end to weave in at the end. Nice!

My nephew is coming into town this weekend (which is who I made this for). I'm so excited to give it to him. I hope he likes it. His mom (my sister) thinks he will, so I'm hopeful.

I also got a shipment of yarn in the mail yesterday - some Drops Safran. I've used this yarn before, and I love it. It's 100% cotton that's so soft and shiny, and look at those colors together. Don't they look nice? I can't wait to get my hooks into those.

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